May. 13th, 2010

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Well, that was a flailing, cracky, Gothic mess.  Prophetic dreams?! Come on, no. Some very weird writing, Brett at his most mannered, women in "Oh dear, try to kill me, would you? Well I will just stand here and scream" distress.

Really, I don't think Holmes at his most antisocial, nutty and sleep-deprived. would actually tell a woman to her horribly disfigured face that he envied her for having such a worthy adversary as the man who'd had this done to her and possibly murdered her sister. And I am certain that Watson would never leave a man, even a murderer, to be mauled to death by a leopard (?!). He tended to Baron Gruner after he'd tried to kill him and Holmes, for heaven's sake.
On the plus side: there can never be enough of 1) Holmes in a glorious floor-length nightshirt in the street; 2, Watson silently putting blankets round him, 3 super-intelligent bonkers women killing people and winning Holmes' admiration and tenderness.

I kind of ship Crazy Brett Holmes/Crazy Lady Helena now. Yes, I think he could be a little bit straight for someone as insane and brilliant as that. They could have fun scientifically destroying buildings together.

Appropriate icon is appropriate.

ETA: It did not have my "Cocaine?/NO Holmes!" scene in it. Woe.


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