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So the other day I made an ungodly chimera of Jude Law's and Vitaly Solomin's Watsons. He was not a bad creature, but decidedly sweaty and sickly looking and not quite as pretty as might have been hoped. And I happened to mention that if I had the software, I would probably be unable to resist the temptation to start improving him and putting colour in his cheeks and removing the tweed melded onto his neck. So then [livejournal.com profile] f_m_r_l  had to go and point me to such free software, obliterating my productivity at a stroke, for now there was nothing to hold me back from trying to use the poor tormented Law/Solomin hybrid as a template to create the Perfect Composite Watson of my Dreams.

(Thus we are back to "What am I Doing?" again.)

But look at him!

Yeah. Like that. Except without the subtle wonky creepiness that comes of looking at his eyes for too long and the suspicion there is something terribly wrong with the bones of his skull. And he should be a thought less ginger.
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... has anything better to do than use morphthing to create a cross between Solomin!Watson and Law!Watson?

Hmm. Morph!Watson somehow looks older than either one of his daddies, and inevitably he's a wee bit uncanny valley but he's not without a certain something, I feel.  He's not unlike Paget!Watson, with a less nightmarish moustache. If I had photoshop, I might be tempted to fix the lighting and the corpselike yet sweaty texture of his skin. And I'd want to do something about the way Jude Law's collar is tattooed onto his neck. So it's probably a good thing I don't have photoshop.


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