May. 12th, 2010

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I'm watching the Eligible Bachelor on Youtube. (*neeeeeds DVDs*) Brett!Holmes, mate. If you're still THAT angsty over the Reichenbach falls, would it maybe be a good idea to NOT have a big poster of them over your fireplace? Yes, Mycroft seems to have put it there, which was a rather weird thing to do. But you can take it down, I'm sure he won't mind. Just a thought.

I have this memory of watching the series as a kid and there being this scene with Holmes all collapsed/sick/messed up in some way, I think in bed, possibly on the sofa, and a stern, worried, exasperated Watson coming in and...

Brett!Holmes: *weakly* Cocaaaaine... bottle...?
Somebody!Watson:  NO, Holmes!

Will I find it in this episode, I wonder?  Or did I make it up? I was only a little girl, why would I do such a thing?

It was lovely to watch The Illustrious Client and find it contained not one but two of my favourite lines which had randomly stayed with me for twenty years. I knew *VITRIOL FACE-SPLASH!* "There! Be done by as you did!" was in it and was awaiting it with glee, but  getting "I will shoot you through the head, rather than the heart" was an unexpected bonus.

I am not sure why those lines struck mini-Waid as quite so fabulous and worth treasuring for years but they did. "I will shoot you through the head, rather than the heart." Mmm. Brrrr.

God, the series did wonderful things with light and shadow. The "Camera shifts from main character getting beaten up to huge menacing shadows of assailants thrashing him on wall" thing, for example, is such a cliche but it's just done so gorgeously it makes me purr.


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