May. 9th, 2010

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I have just realised that of my stories so far, all but ONE of them feature Holmes at some point all sprawled and collapsed and supine on a flat surface with somebody bending over him. Somebody usually being Watson, of course, but on one occasion being the Tenth Doctor. Yes, it even happens in the time-travel-to-1989 one.  Now, admittedly I'm still fairly new at all this, and I knew I had a liking for this sort of thing, but five out of six! That's already getting slightly ridiculous, no?

This is nevertheless actually me being disciplined - this is me RESISTING the temptation to have Holmes not merely collapsed but also CRADLED IN WATSON'S ARMS, which I have only indulged  in once. So far.

(Okay... there's a situation coming up... but it doesn't count if they're on a settee. Right?)

I must change. I must have WATSON all sprawled and collapsed and supine on a flat surface with somebody bending over him!

Anyhow, let me explain part of the reason why writing the last chapter took a while. Mainly just because it did, and there was real life and all of that.

But also because of the following nonsense:

Waid: Mendelssohn – no! Albinoni – no! Beethoven - no! Bach -  Yes! No. Yes! No. Zigeunerweisen – Yes! By Sarasate, like in the Red-Headed League! Perfect... Wait. No. No, it’s sad, but too crazy. But sad and crazy is good! Yes!  ...No. It sounds kind of SEXY and sad and crazy, and that doesn’t work. Well, what about Grieg...

Head!Holmes: *inexplicably refuses to play Grieg*

Waid: What? Why? Do you not like Grieg? I like Grieg! Listen to this. It’s sad, it’s lovely, it’s in the period, what’s wrong with it?

Head!Holmes: *won’t touch violin*

Waid: It’s... not mentioned in the canon, but neither is Gluck and you seem okay with that.

Head!Holmes: *is unforthcoming*

Waid: Is Grieg... naff to you, in some way? Is this like that bit in Buffy where Giles was forced by cruel and stupid writers to say he liked the Bay City Rollers?

Head!Holmes: *Does not answer because he is not real* *Still not playing any fucking Grieg, though.*

Waid: For heaven’s sake. If I actually had anything more than a superficial and charlatanish understanding of classical music disproportionately supported by Youtube, then it might make some sense for  fictional characters I’m messing around with to start getting all precious about it.  But in fact, I do not. YOU WILL PLAY THE DAMN GRIEG AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, MY BOY.

Head!Holmes: *will not play the Grieg*

Waid: Oh, FINE.But I'm going to write you a nightmare now.

This is a really stupid reason to have my understanding and appreciation of classical/romantic/baroque /everything music improving so much.


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